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01022015 Day 1 of Captivity

Nothing like coming off of vacation on Friday and be on-call. International Business Mafia
was analyzing errors from a storage box; no machine-fueled change drama and network issues another group must now deal with. Nothing further for me.

What, When & Slightly More Important...Where
The 2105 on-call schedule favors me greatly. Two months between tours of duty; no holidays,
birthday or MDF conflicts. Still can't figure out exact travel dates based on the draft project schedule;
I suspect Asia travel in March & July -which is also when Europe has go-live dates.

Hopefully, travel can be switched up and I can do one trip to each. But the air miles and hotel points
in Asia are lucrative...

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.
Tags: on-call, shizerw0k, travel, work
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