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16th January 2017

10:34am: False Entry Ejection
Random, wasted and/or high 23-ish year old gets into a Sunday night show and immediately starts being an ass in the front.

One benefit of being an older metal head is that staff take you seriously when someone needs to be thrown out.

Further vindication -when another person in the crowd thanks you for making a good call.
Current Mood: accomplished

23rd February 2016

9:19pm: No One's Listening:::Dead Air
►angelinehawkes -voting democrat
►baldchik -got kicked out of GWAR for Dan Nelson antics
►becala -loves blackened corn
►blackheart666 -operator of his pocket calculator
►clappamungus -joined a Men at Work cover band
►dethtoll -video games made post-arcade era blow
►gloomchen -Dream Theater vinyl played backwards is Barney music
►hellbound_heart -only likes white zinfindel and lies about beer
►misunderstruck - secretly likes the French horn
►neojezebel -is developing a Cockney accent
►xraytheenforcer -listening to Chelsea Grin while wounding birds with a BB gun

15th May 2015

1:27pm: 05152015 Release From Captivity
Done. Working from home; it's rainy and relaxed.
Not going to accomplish much for Shizerw0k today....

DebZ will be here in a bit to join me in some MDF training this evening.

Now the machines call someone else to say they’re broken.

13th May 2015

10:17pm: 05132015 Day 6 of Captivity
Minor issues. Whittling away work, getting closer to beginning some documentation updates from King Kong.
Better staffed, I'd have finished this last month. Low standards here, so no one's missing it.

Roughly 36 hours to go...

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

10th May 2015

10:28pm: 05102015 Day 3 of Captivity
Solid sleep with a call at 1008 from our useless Polish ops. Gregwhore calls to alert me about emails he's forwarded that I already get.
These people have no idea what the content means or level of impact to production.

Nothing else through the day.

MDF training: 1 hour grocery shopping, leg/lower back day at gym -1.5 hours, cooking for 2 hours.
Key here is standing activities.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

17th April 2015

11:29pm: Turntable Arm Visciously Scratches Across Record For Attention
For Record Store Day, one of Austin's biggest/bestest record stores is getting...guess who? Dave Grohl?
You'd think so since he's everywhere these days but no the next logical choice is...

David Vincent from the band Austin hipsters can't get enough of, Morbid Angel.

21st March 2015

8:55pm: 03212015 King Kong Death March
Nice, sleepy, rainy day. BBQ lunch made huge by the carver forking over two huge burnt ends -gratis.
I'm going to eat some popcorn later, I've been full all day.

And I wasted 30 minutes at a library branch, save for a funny FB picture. The branches near me are small with shit selections.
I need to visit other branches to see if they're worth the time but I think I'll do a better job online, placing holds to be delivered
to my branch instead.

I'm not nervous about the trip; we'll deal with issues as we uncover them during the stay.
This definitely will be a career high if things go well.

Lots of things to mull over during the 17 flight from Dallas to King Kong...

20th March 2015

11:56pm: Haggard Pseudo-Drag Queens Sail Topographic Oceans
Twisted Sister's drummer, AJ Pero endorsed Ludwig drums in the 80's.
So did Yes' drummer, Alan White and why not put them together for a clinic tour?

There isn't much to do when you're a drummer living in a small, rural area and besides,
Yes' drummer is bound to make things more technical...

Neither drummer really imparted anything that's stuck with me today or even after the clinic that I can recall.
Both performed well/solid and were likable, an important key to getting and keeping a gig for sure.

Visiting the music store a few days after the gig, I saw behind the kit AJ Pero used – the drumheads looked like the surface of the moon.

Never saw Twisted Sister live and I'm glad I didn't see them when they played in my hometown back then [with Ratt].
A former furniture warehouse became a sauna of horrors that even made MTV with Dee Snider bitching.
Couldn't find anything via Google or YouTube.

Adios, amigo.

19th March 2015

8:40pm: 03192015 King Kong Death March
Halt! I've finished the majority of the documentation, instruction and the labels for the cables are in hand.
No working tonight, just kicking back at home.

If all is quiet at work tomorrow, I'll re-review what I've done and go over documentation provided by the site team and vendors.

I've eaten enough Tex-Mex to hold me over until I return from King Kong. BBQ is next on the list.

16th March 2015

1:03pm: 03162015 King Kong Death March
Morning meeting went well, good info emerged including floor diagram and cabling layout.
There's some things missing but the site team can work with the vendor for that. Layers of an onion...

Body Blow, Body Blow
Just found out that International Beer Mafia got the processor assignments wrong so, systems have to re-do
their part, which means I scrap half of what I've been working on. Lovely. Not a big setback though.
Just more time massaging spreadsheets and planning, when I could've been done by Wednesday.

And I'm working from home/doing whatever the fuck I want this week.

13th March 2015

10:59pm: 03132015 Release From Captivity
Finished with this week being shitty to gory end. This place can't even get a UPS envelope mailed.
A week later, someone realized it won't take care of itself and it gets turned in.
The person [executive admin back east] that originally “helped” me got the label wrong. Our admin seems to have it sorted.

Writ larger..drama levels peaking with the King Kong trip happening in two weeks.
Miscommunication, misunderstanding, mismanaging, reluctance, etc.

Me? I'm fine. It's all the others that are fucked in the head.

Been working late the past few nights and some this weekend -quiet of home should help as I finish up pertinent details for the final stretch.
Oh yes, and multitudes of meetings, including some in the evening to accommodate those in Asia starting Sunday.

Now the machines call someone else to say they’re broken.

11th March 2015

10:49pm: 03112015 Day 6 of Captivity
Not a HellWeek but a steady pace. Small break/fixes with drama queen change control.
I've kept afloat with focus on Asia, the trip isn't far off and ShizerW0k is signing off on the big buy this week.

Another 2200 meeting for King Kong project with International Beer Mafia.
The call kept pausing for 5-8 seconds and featured a lovely tinny tone, which made the
accents more difficult to follow. Joy.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

8th March 2015

11:11pm: 03082015 Day 3 of Captivity
Busy both yesterday and today; sure as nuclear hellfrost taking two comp days for this.
Saturday -alerts starting at 0630 due to maintenance continued till lunch. Ops in Poland are more outgoing/aggressive,
which is great compared to Asia but I've got to get used to the Polska accents.

Then I worked on/off from 1900 to 01:30 Sunday.

Further Toil
Up this morning at 0730 to manage a change for now that I understand, I had no reason to be up for at that time.
I did find out that I'd have to perform actions on another change -in which a co-worker didn't inform me ahead of time.
Continued on/off coordination through the late afternoon and some channel issues.

2200 meeting for King Kong project with International Beer Mafia that surprisingly didn't go beyond the slated hour.

I'm definitely working from home tomorrow.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

6th March 2015

10:06pm: 03062015 Day 1 of Captivity
Quiet thus far; nothing turned over from previous on-call.
Tomorrow will be a long day -or evening; need to get rest to survive.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

5th March 2015

9:23pm: 03052015 Pre-Captivity Report

On-call starts tomorrow and it's going to be a busy weekend. Forget incident juggling/management,
the rotation now can include managing changes. This is the busy time of the year and things will subside by the end of the third quarter.

Saturday Night: 19:00 support switch migration in Germany. The local crew, only being cable monkeys, don't understand the systems.
Rather than sending over another tech savy type, I'm unofficially managing this remotely. The hours are easier.

Sunday Morning: 07:00 manage a tape microcode upgrade. Formerly managed by the storage weenies,
my group now does this and it's the on-call's job. More of an inconvenience of checking in on progress, start/stop.

There will be comp time, Pr0nr0ck beat me to the punch and offered it up.

9th January 2015

11:11pm: 01092015 Release from Captivity
No calls. Awesome tour of duty with little hassle/impact on sleep or personal life.

Mild excitement solving a remote connectivity issue to look at machines [processors].
It's management console doesn't like 64 bit browsers, use 32 bit and you're good.
This on/off issue wasn't worth chasing as code received the blame.
I'm not sharing this with others...

Now the machines call someone else to say they’re broken.

8th January 2015

10:25pm: 01082015 Day 7 of Captivity
No calls at night and or during the day. 14 more hours to go.

Travel schedule came out today and is tentative:
►Feb mid, Germany 12 days covering two weekends
►March late, Asia[Donkey Kong] 10 Day Deathmarch with a Friday & Sunday cutover.
Stay could be extended if a DR test is requested.
►July mid, Asia 2[Warble Moneyless] weeks one cutover

Mox-Nix got thrown a bone for mid-April with a two week trip to UK.
It gives me a break from travel but should've been mine.
Useless to complain but no telling how the travel is actually going to play out.
Plenty of air miles and hotel points to be had.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

7th January 2015

8:45pm: 01072015 Day 6 of Captivity
No calls at night; petty stuff during the day.

Received notice for a two week trip to Germany -date tentative with mid-Feb as current target.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

6th January 2015

10:14pm: 01062015 Day 5 of Captivity
No calls at night and again small stuff during the day.
No revelations during staff meeting regarding travel.

I'm tablet shopping -leaning towards Samsung not sure if I want to go with the 8" or 8.4 Pro or 8.4 S.
One thing for sure is that I should've bought at xmas time as the prices were lower then.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

5th January 2015

8:29pm: 01052015 Day 4 of Captivity
No calls at night; small stuff during the day.
Slow paced first day back in the office. Series of usual annoying meeting[s] start tomorrow.
Hope to find out more about this year's travel soon.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

4th January 2015

9:19pm: 01042015 Day 3 of Captivity
No calls. Relaxed day with some Battle vest work. Slightly apathetic Cowboy playoff watching.
Heading into work tomorrow -it's been nearly two weeks, soon the end of the year tech purchases will start rolling in.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

3rd January 2015

6:27pm: 01032015 Day 2 of Captivity
No calls. Licorice candy consumed.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.

2nd January 2015

2:41pm: 01022015 Day 1 of Captivity
Nothing like coming off of vacation on Friday and be on-call. International Business Mafia
was analyzing errors from a storage box; no machine-fueled change drama and network issues another group must now deal with. Nothing further for me.

What, When & Slightly More Important...Where
The 2105 on-call schedule favors me greatly. Two months between tours of duty; no holidays,
birthday or MDF conflicts. Still can't figure out exact travel dates based on the draft project schedule;
I suspect Asia travel in March & July -which is also when Europe has go-live dates.

Hopefully, travel can be switched up and I can do one trip to each. But the air miles and hotel points
in Asia are lucrative...

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.
Current Mood: working

23rd December 2014

11:36pm: Closing the [un]Holy-Daze
Done with work until Friday, Jan.2nd -kicking off the new year with on-call!
Once the xmas hump is past, the rest of the year is easy street.

Heading to el rancho tomorrow through the weekend for relaxation and toil. No chainsaw hijinx until Friday -two weeks after surgery.
Even then, I'll wear a respirator to protect the sinus passages.

Good luck for those of you with family gatherings this week. Keep the knife/broken bottle fights to a minimum; no police interventions, etc.

9th November 2014

11:32pm: 11092014 Release From Captivity/Weekend Del BeerDiablo
Friday noon ended the on-call but due to weekend fun didn't get to post.
Also, one call tonight from a team member that's over their head, non-issue.

Hit Houston on Friday and met up with Sigrid [who's doing well] for Japanese noms prior to the
Oath of Cruelty/Morbosidad/MetaLucifer/Sabbat show. Venue switch last minute to a nasty dive that aided the old school vibe.
Beers in the parking lot. \m/

Saturday, I hit San Antonio for a rendezvous with DebZ. I visited Freetail's new brewery location prior to getting the hotel.
Nice use of an older building. This year's La Muerta didn't wow me like 2011's did, until then, I continue to not buy bombers.

We met up with HermanaDiabla & company at an Eye-Talian joint whose bartenders tend to leave drinks off the bill.
Wink-wink-nudge-nudge, leave a good tip. Downtown swanky bar with jazz and whiskey to close out the night.

Great, fun-packed weekend.
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