Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

03212015 King Kong Death March

Nice, sleepy, rainy day. BBQ lunch made huge by the carver forking over two huge burnt ends -gratis.
I'm going to eat some popcorn later, I've been full all day.

And I wasted 30 minutes at a library branch, save for a funny FB picture. The branches near me are small with shit selections.
I need to visit other branches to see if they're worth the time but I think I'll do a better job online, placing holds to be delivered
to my branch instead.

I'm not nervous about the trip; we'll deal with issues as we uncover them during the stay.
This definitely will be a career high if things go well.

Lots of things to mull over during the 17 flight from Dallas to King Kong...

Tags: asia, bbq, king kong, library, shizerw0k, travel, work
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