Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

03132015 Release From Captivity

Finished with this week being shitty to gory end. This place can't even get a UPS envelope mailed.
A week later, someone realized it won't take care of itself and it gets turned in.
The person [executive admin back east] that originally “helped” me got the label wrong. Our admin seems to have it sorted.

Writ larger..drama levels peaking with the King Kong trip happening in two weeks.
Miscommunication, misunderstanding, mismanaging, reluctance, etc.

Me? I'm fine. It's all the others that are fucked in the head.

Been working late the past few nights and some this weekend -quiet of home should help as I finish up pertinent details for the final stretch.
Oh yes, and multitudes of meetings, including some in the evening to accommodate those in Asia starting Sunday.

Now the machines call someone else to say they’re broken.
Tags: asia, king kong, on-call, shizerw0k, work
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