Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

03082015 Day 3 of Captivity

Busy both yesterday and today; sure as nuclear hellfrost taking two comp days for this.
Saturday -alerts starting at 0630 due to maintenance continued till lunch. Ops in Poland are more outgoing/aggressive,
which is great compared to Asia but I've got to get used to the Polska accents.

Then I worked on/off from 1900 to 01:30 Sunday.

Further Toil
Up this morning at 0730 to manage a change for now that I understand, I had no reason to be up for at that time.
I did find out that I'd have to perform actions on another change -in which a co-worker didn't inform me ahead of time.
Continued on/off coordination through the late afternoon and some channel issues.

2200 meeting for King Kong project with International Beer Mafia that surprisingly didn't go beyond the slated hour.

I'm definitely working from home tomorrow.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.
Tags: asia, international beer mafia, king kong, on-call, shizerw0k, weekend, work
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