Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

03052015 Pre-Captivity Report

On-call starts tomorrow and it's going to be a busy weekend. Forget incident juggling/management,
the rotation now can include managing changes. This is the busy time of the year and things will subside by the end of the third quarter.

Saturday Night: 19:00 support switch migration in Germany. The local crew, only being cable monkeys, don't understand the systems.
Rather than sending over another tech savy type, I'm unofficially managing this remotely. The hours are easier.

Sunday Morning: 07:00 manage a tape microcode upgrade. Formerly managed by the storage weenies,
my group now does this and it's the on-call's job. More of an inconvenience of checking in on progress, start/stop.

There will be comp time, Pr0nr0ck beat me to the punch and offered it up.

Tags: germany, on-call, pr0nr0ck, shizerw0k, weekend, work
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