Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

01082015 Day 7 of Captivity

No calls at night and or during the day. 14 more hours to go.

Travel schedule came out today and is tentative:
►Feb mid, Germany 12 days covering two weekends
►March late, Asia[Donkey Kong] 10 Day Deathmarch with a Friday & Sunday cutover.
Stay could be extended if a DR test is requested.
►July mid, Asia 2[Warble Moneyless] weeks one cutover

Mox-Nix got thrown a bone for mid-April with a two week trip to UK.
It gives me a break from travel but should've been mine.
Useless to complain but no telling how the travel is actually going to play out.
Plenty of air miles and hotel points to be had.

Now to bide my time until the machines call me to say they’re broken.
Tags: donkey kong, germany, on-call, shizerw0k, travel, warble moneyless, work
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