Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

11092014 Release From Captivity/Weekend Del BeerDiablo

Friday noon ended the on-call but due to weekend fun didn't get to post.
Also, one call tonight from a team member that's over their head, non-issue.

Hit Houston on Friday and met up with Sigrid [who's doing well] for Japanese noms prior to the
Oath of Cruelty/Morbosidad/MetaLucifer/Sabbat show. Venue switch last minute to a nasty dive that aided the old school vibe.
Beers in the parking lot. \m/

Saturday, I hit San Antonio for a rendezvous with DebZ. I visited Freetail's new brewery location prior to getting the hotel.
Nice use of an older building. This year's La Muerta didn't wow me like 2011's did, until then, I continue to not buy bombers.

We met up with HermanaDiabla & company at an Eye-Talian joint whose bartenders tend to leave drinks off the bill.
Wink-wink-nudge-nudge, leave a good tip. Downtown swanky bar with jazz and whiskey to close out the night.

Great, fun-packed weekend.
Tags: beer, debz, freetail, houston, la muerta, metal, on-call, relationships, san antonio, shizerw0k, whiskey, work
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